Welcome to Prepared Healthy by JB.

We are a small, Chef-owned company that provides healthy, balanced, low calorie and low
carbohydrate frozen, individual meals. All of our meals are prepared with lean protein, whole grains and seasonal produce.

Our meals are perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner on the fly!
We feed everyone from ‘time starved’ hockey moms, to health conscious personal trainers.

Prepared Healthy by JB provides the perfect alternative to the unhealthy food-court lunches
or the dreaded ‘dash-board dining’ that we are all guilty of.

Check out our affordable bundles for additional cost savings!

About Me

Having studied culinary arts at George Brown College, I started my cooking career in both small and large scale catering.
I then moved into the corporate chef world at Kraft, followed by Nestle and most recently Sysco. I work as a Freelance Chef
for a few food manufacturer’s writing and testing recipes. I am a mom to two wonderful boys ages ten and five, I love cooking for them.
For nearly 2 years, I have been scratch cooking complete meals that are calorie controlled, low carb and yummy with good reviews.
They are complete, hearty but healthy meals, with lean protein and whole grains with an emphasis on local and organic produce
when possible. The meals are generous, individually portioned and frozen in reusable containers with delivery service available.
My clients love the convenience of the meals!

The Menu

Meals $8.00 – 14 Meals for $105 | Soups $6.00 (18oz) | Breakfast Muffins (6 for $7.00)

White Wine
Lemon Chicken

with Sautéed Mushrooms and Steamed Vegetables.

Chicken Parmesan
(not breaded)

with Whole Wheat Pasta and Steamed Vegetables.

Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

with Garlic, Ginger and  Brown Rice.

Coconut Curry Chicken

with Vegetables and Brown Rice.

Honey Mustard
Glazed Haddock

with Baked Sweet Potato and Steamed Vegetables.

Teriyaki Salmon

with Brown Rice and Steamed Vegetables.

Garlic and Herb
Sautéed Shrimp

with Quinoa Pilaf and Steamed Vegetables.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

with Whole Wheat Pasta.

Fresh Salmon Patties

with Steamed Vegetables.

Oatmeal Muffins
with Chocolate Chips

Made with egg whites.

6 for $7
Oatmeal Muffins
with Berries

Made with egg whites.

6 for $7
Roasted Red Pepper and Cauliflower Soup

Provided in an 18oz container.

Vegetable and
Chickpea Soup

Provided in an 18oz container.

Cabbage Roll Soup
with Brown Rice and Ground Turkey

Provided in an 18oz container.

Moroccan Lentil Soup
with Spinach

Provided in an 18oz container.

Cabbage Rolls

with Ground Turkey and Brown Rice Filling.

Whole Wheat Pasta

with Meat Sauce and Vegetables (Ground Turkey).

Quinoa and
Cauliflower Patties

with Sautéed Vegetables.

Vegetarian Chili

(with TVP).

Vegetable and
Egg white Frittata Muffins

with Oven Roasted Diced Sweet Potato.

Crusted Sole

Breaded with whole wheat panko and served with....

Fajita Chicken with
Brown Rice and Beans

Tex Mex seasoned chicken breast sautéed with....

Hoisin Sliced Flank Steak

with Brown Rice & Vegetables.

Extra Lean Ground
Beef Meatloaf

with Tomato Mashed Sweet Potato and Vegetables.

Asian Turkey Meatballs

with Sauteed Vegetables and Diced Sweet Potato.

Falafel Balls

with Tabouli Herbed Rice and Steamed Vegetables.

Chocolate Almond with Coconut Energy Balls

Healthy treats filled with nutrient rich....

6 for $7

Healthy low-sugar, low fat granola filled with....

Breakfast Burritos

Whole Wheat Tortilla, Egg Whites, Sautéed Pepper....

2 for $8
Carrot Cake Energy Balls (Nut Free)

Healthy treats filled with nutrient rich....

6 for $7

Seasonal Promotions

Summer Promotion – Purchase a 14 meal package and receive an order of NEW Energy Bites for free!

Choose between 2 flavours – Chocolate Almond with coconut or Carrot Cake ($7.00 value).

Whats New???

Lot’s of new menu items now available including some lean beef dishes, vegetarian and some yummy breakfast dishes. Check out the menu section.


How do I reheat the meals?

Each entrée is fully cooked and then frozen. The best way to reheat meals is to allow them to defrost in the fridge overnight and then microwave them in the container provided (without the lid).  Each microwave is different but I usually start at 60 seconds and then do 30 second intervals until the food is hot.

I didn’t eat my meal, now it is defrosted in my fridge how long is it good for?

Because there are no added preservatives the meals will last 3 days in the fridge once defrosted.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery is included (within the GTA) for any order over $50.00. If you’d prefer to pick up we can arrange that as well.

How much notice does each order require?

Because I want to have my clients enjoying the freshest possible food I try not to keep too many items in inventory. Most orders require a minimum 48 hours to complete.

How can I pay? 

Currently I am accepting cash, cheques or e-transfers.

Do you do family size meals?

Lately I have been getting lots of requests for this. So some entrées are in development. Let me know if there is a request and I will try to make it happen!

Do you offer catering?

I do! Send me a message with what you are interested in.

I want to learn to cook healthier for my family, do you teach cooking?

I do! I taught at a downtown culinary centre for over 4 years. Let me know what you are interested in learning and we can work something out.



Contact Me

4021 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON  M3H 5R6  |  416.722.4664 |  jordy@preparedhealthybyjb.ca

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